As you know from my previous post, I had a hectic time of it on Monday getting ready to go to London for D.J. Kirkby's launch for Without Alice. And yet...I was ready to go long before Kaff. Women, eh?

It was a lovely sunny day in Cardiff when we left on the megabus. (Just between you and me, I don't think it's that mega a bus. It looks pretty much like any other.) Still, it was a lovely comfy trip and because there weren't that many people on it, I got a whole seat to myself! Luxury. Here's a pic of me about to tuck into my lunch of honey-roasted peanuts and cashews and very tasty they were, too.

As the coach approached London, the sky turned a lovely shade of squirrel. I knew there'd be something special to mark my arrival, you know.

First stop was Whitehall, naturally. That's how much of a V.I.S. I am. We met up with online pal ZeroHypeArt for the first time and then the three of us started the Great Tube Relay Game to make it to Wood Green in time for the launch. What is the Great Tube Relay Game, Squizzey, I hear you cry? We want to play that. Actually, no. No, you don't. It's only played on days like Monday when there's a tube strike and it involves using whatever tubes are still running to get you to your destination. Super lots of fun, especially late at night when even though the strike finished hours earlier, there is not much running, so you miss your train home... and have to walk, get a bus and then a taxi in a hairy London Transport-athon until you get home at 2 a.m., collapse and fall asleep in your clothes.

The book launch itself was a fabulous success and lots of fun. I was adored by everyone there. Well, just look at how snazzy I was in my pinstripes and natty bow tie. How could you not think me completely gorgeous? Denyse (D.J. Kirkby) obviously did because she bought me a huge bag of nuts!

I met lots of online pals, like the very lovely and glamorous writers Rebecca Emin and Talli Roland aka Marsha Moore (think she must be a Spook with all her different identities), Tamsyn Murray and Claire Marriott.

Being a V.I.S. means you're always on duty and even on this special night I had to work. Kaff did a reading from Without Alice and I rendered my services to give a fine dramatic interpretation, which Denyse now says she will always think about when she reads that same passage. I can understand that. Once you've seen me in action, it's hard to remember how it was done before.

All in all, it was an excellent night out in London and I had a brilliant time. And finally... if you haven't already bought the book, BUY WITHOUT ALICE NOW!