It never fails to amaze me just where Kaff sometimes takes me. Take last night, for example. I thought I was going along with her and Geek-Boy to meet up with Fenty (a top bloke who we all used to work with) and go to an event in The Blueberry Hotel in Pontypridd.

Admittedly, while Kaff, G and even Fenty had registered, I hadn't and so Kaff smuggled me in a bag (as usual - not very V.I.S.) but, as I blog and live in a valley, I did actually have every right to go along to the inaugural Valley Blogger Meet Up, which is what we were going out to.

But when I forced my way out of my (I'd love to say limo here, but you know it wasn't, it was a bag) transport for the evening, I was confronted with a purple haze. Hey up, I thought, what's going on, where are we and what have I let myself in for? I was expecting to see dancers of a certain kind appear any minute.

Sadly, they didn't, but the evening was great fun despite this minor disappointment.