Something rather wonderful happened this morning: a box of nuts dropped through my letterbox. I know! Every squirrel's fantasy, right? (Well, one of them anyway...)

Thanks to my very lovely friend Katie Chappelle, who gave me a discount code, I had my wench Kaff order me a selection nibblebox from the lovely people at Graze and it arrived today. There was a bit of a hairy moment when Kaff came downstairs to make a drink and I thought she might find me and the post, as I was sorting out hers from mine. Happily, she didn't seem to notice the box which I cleverly hid just in time. (Can you see it in the pic? I thought not. Clever use of table and my top for camouflage, no?)

I patiently twiddled my paws until she'd made a drink and fed Tux (The evil Cat I live with) and eventually she went back to her office to tippity-tap the day away. Leaving me free to open up my box and have a look at what I'd been sent... Early disappointment when I spied the words 'Bear Necessities'. Surely the good people at Graze would have known that a package going to The Nut Press was squirrel-bound and squirrels and bears are mortal enemies? S'okay though because I gave that tray to Kaff and told her it was to show her how much I loved her that I was sharing. Tee hee! I think she bought it.

I started off with Sticky Choccy Pudding, as I always believe in eating dessert first, just in case my mealtime gets interrupted. No nuts in it but the chocolate buttons and raisins were yum. Much less keen on Bento Mix, they were super hot and spicy and a little too much for this little chap. And then, last but by no means least, I nibbled on some Golden Honey Nut Hazels. They were super scrummy - I could happily have munched on those all day long and hope to get those again. I'm very happy with my first Graze box and am looking forward to next week's already. I wonder what'll be in it...

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