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Significant Other Blogfest

I know you’ve all missed me but here I am, finally! I’m back with the first blog post of the New Year but it’s not here. Nope, it’s over on Kaff’s blog The Nut Press as part of The Significant Other Blogfest. She doesn’t know I’ve done it, either. Tee hee. Bit naughty of me but ho hum. It’s some small payback for her having ignored me during NaNoWriMo. Yes, I know that was back in November but a squirrel’s hurt can last a Kaff’s lifetime! Anyway, pop on over, have a read about me, my life as a muse, including the hectic swinging of my deluxe hammock and my glamorous writer pals. And come back soon for updates on how The Adventures of Squizzey are coming along…

Oh, and as January 21st is also Squirrel Appreciation Day, why not also check out the fab squirrel pics on today’s Huffington Post. Laters!

Hammock Heaven

My hammock isn’t really an outdoor hammock. It’s supposed to sit on Kaff’s desk. (High up, where she can forget about me.) I keep asking her when she’s going to plant some nut trees in the garden and swing a hammock between them for me but 10 summers have passed and it hasn’t happened yet. So, when the weather was so warm and balmy on Saturday, I sneaked my super posh hammock with palm trees out onto the patio and caught some rays. Do you like my shades? Super cool, no? I am still in my festival gear, so this might yet turn out to be the summer of love for one little grey squirrel. I can live in hope. Most of my new Twitter followers are female, so things are decidedly looking up…

Here’s a pic of me chilling and swaying, waiting for my amaretto on the rocks to be brought to me by my ever-unreliable and decidedly-lazy serving wench.