Squirrel Kisses Kitten Shock

Because I’m quite bad in this life – let alone past ones – I have to share my pad with a pussy cat called Tux. I know! It is a rough life that I lead and not at all as glamorous as you might assume for a squirrel of my standing. Anyhow, I guess most of the time it’s okay because the dear thing does sleep rather a lot and I am usually up high somewhere out of her reach – sitting on Kaff’s desk or in my hammock, which is even higher out of reach up on top of Kaff’s desk. I think you could safely say that we tolerate each other’s existence at best. What annoys us the most about each other is that we usually want to be where the other is in the evening – namely snuggled up with Kaff on the sofa. I like being here because Kaff likes to a) eat chocolate and b) sometimes does this while watching a half-decent television programme, such as Fringe or True Blood. She will sometimes sit there and read but hey, as long as she has chocolate, I’m happy. The trouble starts when Tux decides that she’ll jump up and cuddle in and that’s when I usually get displaced or knocked over or tumbled to the floor.

So as you can see we’re not best mates, which is why when I saw this picture of a squirrel smooch attack, oh how, I laughed. And imagined myself and Tux re-enacting it. I quickly dismissed that idea – I’d get her fur all over me, the creature molts like she regrows new fur every day, but I thought the pic was fun and every so often I do imagine myself springing a surprise luurrve offensive. It won’t happen but this is kind of cool, all the same and the pic comes courtesy of one of Kaff’s Twitter pals, Miss Fizzy Duck, who is brilliant and funny and worth a follow, if you’re on that social network.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, Everyone. Pucker up now!

Snow Day

F-f-f-freezing my paws off...

Goodness me but my little corner of south Wales doesn’t half seem to be getting its fair share of the white stuff. We’re snowed in again and can’t get the car off the drive, let alone round the corner and up the hill. Ho de hum! I can’t say that I’m too gutted about it because it means that my hordes of fans won’t be expecting me to grace them with my luminous presence and I can have some rest at home. This is a good thing. I am a little pooped.

Kaff and I had some fun in the snow this morning. We went out to scamper around, throw some snowballs – she’s not such a good aim as I am and is now retrieving the remains of snow from the back of her neck, tee hee! – and we made a snow squirrel. Very fine he was too until the neighbourhood brats decided to run their sleds into him. Honestly, they are so uncultured and don’t appreciate true snow art when they see it. Plus, being from the south Wales valleys, they have no driving skills whatsoever. How was your snow day?

Santa Squizzey & his sledge

Nadolig Llawen!

Well, it is nearly time for me to set off into the night and start delivering my presents to all the naughty boys and girls out there – and there have certainly been plenty of mischievous little critters this year. I’d have my work cut out getting it all done in one night were it not for my space time continuum shift widget.

So all I need to do now is wish each & every one of you out there a very peaceful and HAPPY CHRISTMAS choc-full of nuts and hugs from loved ones and may you get to spend time with those special people in your life.

I will be spending Christmas Day with my lovely Kaff and her assorted nuts of a family. Then in the evening the crew and I will be having a select party out in the woods behind my mansion.

On Boxing Day, I’ll be distributing nuts to those squirrels less fortunate than myself – which, let’s face it, is most of them!


Luv ‘n’ nuts, Squizzey and Crew xxx

All roads lead to Chocolate

Today has got to have been one of my favourite days of the year because I spent it with some of my all-time favourite people in the totally chocolate-covered land that is Cadbury World. Yum diddley scrumptiousness all day long!

The day started early which is not how I like them to go but Kaff let me sleep in the car because she had her paws full looking after her youngest niece, Tegan, who was coming with us. Tegan is fab – a lot of fun and very smart and super-friendly and she loves me so hey, what’s not to like about the kid? It was a very long car journey or so it seemed to both me and Tegan. We did stop on the way for a comfort break and to stretch our paws but eventually we pulled up outside the purple paradise that is Cadbury World in Bournville, just outside Birmingham. There we met up with Joyce from the Lake District and some of her friends and went on the Cadbury tour. It was absolutely brilliant and being so near to Christmas there were lots of fun extra things to see and do as well. My highlights include: getting my piccie taken with Santa (nice sleigh and reindeer, mate!), going for a ride on the Bean Car through Beanland and getting my pic taken again (I am very photogenic), having some elves play Christmas carols on handbells to us, and sampling some of Cadbury’s product range. Yes, you go on the tour and they give you FREE chocolate. We stocked up in the shop before coming home so I have a replenished nut stash which is always good. What a fun day out and it’s put me right in the Christmas spirit. Perfect timing!

Our American visitor

Squashy, Squizz & Patch
Squashy, Squizz & Patch pose on the red cushion

Earlier this month I introduced you all to my crew.  Well, I am delighted to announce that we have a new addition in the form of Squashy, Patch’s cousin, who is freshly arrived from the US of A this morning.  Understandably, Patch is beyond himself with excitement and is chattering away nineteen to the dozen while poor Squashy looks around faintly disoriented at his new surroundings. Poor little fellow is a bit rumpled and squashed from the long journey and I think we ought to leave him be, so he can get over his jet lag.  I’ve no idea how long he’ll be staying but he’s very welcome, although I do hope our monthly nut allowance expands to accommodate having another mouth to feed.  Here’s a pic of him, me and Patch (l-r).

Meet Da Crew

Squizz, Detty, Heike, Patch, Fluffy, Leo & Chip

Every self-respecting squirrel has a group of friends that forms his entourage, or as I prefer to call them, my crew.  It’s time you all met mine so, after a gruelling photo shoot yesterday, here we are in all our glory.  Good looking bunch of squirrels (and chipmunk), eh?

From l-r, da Crew is as follows: Handsome little old me, Squizzey; then little Detty, our explosions expert, in his Welsh scarf; behind him is Heike, my German mail-order intended bride (although I am strongly resisting the loveless match and remain very happily single).  She’s not really part of my crew.  I think she’s just trying to muscle in on that coconut.  Next to her and valiantly trying to wrest the coconut from her evil grip is Patch, my American buddy.  He’s fab & a whizz at opening coconuts.  His neighbour is Fluffy, the weather squirrel.  If you ever wonder why it’s squirrel grey outside, then that’s all down to Fluff.  Next up is little Leo, the baby of the pack and, I have to admit, he can be a bit of a pawful at times.  Last up is another American and an honorary member of the squirrel entourage, given that he’s really our distant cousin, its Chip.  Nice guy.  Pretty quiet for an American but great at foraging so always handy to have around.

We had a brill wrap party after the shoot as we got to keep the rather lovely large assortment of nuts in the picture: almonds (my fave, yum!), hazelnuts (pretty tasty)  and walnuts (bleurgh – Heike got those).

Spreading the love and nuts!

squizz reading 1
Squizz reading up on local wildlife

Welcome to my new blog – soon to be all-singing, all-dancing, just like cute little moi!

Who am I? Well, the name’s Squizzey and I am a grey squirrel. Grey squirrels rock & I get really annoyed about the bad press we sometimes (read: almost always) get. I currently live in South Wales, U.K., but have very itchy paws and like travelling to new places.

I’m going to be blogging about anything that tickles my fancy but nuts might feature a fair bit as I’m quite partial to them. I strive to find every nut that crosses my path a good home. That’s just the kind of squirrel I am. Selfless, no?

Apart from nuts, I like reading – as you can see from my pic – so there’ll probably be a few posts about books. Films too. Maybe the odd TV programme as well – and I only like the odd ones! If squirrels are in the news, then you’ll probably find out my thoughts on that here. And generally anything else that I feel like commenting on.

Thanks for visiting and reading and keep on coming back!