Meeting the Ladies of ChocLit

Yesterday afternoon, Kaff and I went out for the day. We hadn’t been anywhere for aaaaaaaaaaages, so I was super excited about the road trip. It was brilliantly sunny and a warm Spring day and we drove up the Heads of the Valleys road and dropped down over the hills into Llanfoist to have lunch with Geek-boy’s parents. His mummy, June, came into Abergavenny with us and almost immediately Kaff’s nose went twitchy and she led us along at a cracking pace. I knew from how frantic she was that she had either sniffed out chocolate or books. And what do you know? …. It was both!

Margaret James and Christina Courtenay, two lovely authors published by ChocLit (as you’ll appreciate, Kaff loves their books) were in Waterstone’s doing a book signing, and those writerly temptresses had chocolate to lure people in. It worked with Kaff! and *cough* I might have tucked a couple of Twirls down my jumper. Also there was another super lady we know from Twitter, Maureen Vincent-Northam, so we had a fab tweet-up. We spent the afternoon chatting and eating choc (yum!) and watching Margaret and Christina chat to people about their books and then signing them. Here’s a picture of me with Margaret and Christina and the wonderful display of their books and chocs in Waterstone’s Abergavenny.

Afterwards, we all went for a cup of coffee and then it was time to hot-paw it to Cardiff to meet Geek-boy off the London train.  It was a really fun day and I had a smashing time out and about. I don’t like to blow my own trumpet but I think I was a bit of a hit with the ladies, too…

Kaff and I have loved both of Christina’s books, Trade Winds and The Scarlet Kimono and we’re currently really enjoying Margaret’s novel, The Silver Locket, which we’re reading at the moment. In fact, we’re just about to take it out into the sunny garden and read some more. Have a sunny Sunday, folks!

6 Replies to “Meeting the Ladies of ChocLit”

  1. Squizz, I can thoroughly recommend all Choc Lit books, but I wouldn’t recommend nicking their chocolates! I’m glad it was all entertaining for you, and can well believe that you had ’em swooning in the aisles.

    1. Jane, I had them swooning so much that they were forcing chocolates on me… and I’ve loved all the Choc Lit books, including yours, that I’ve read so far with Kaff.

  2. Lovely to meet you, Squizzy! We’re so glad you could bring Kath and June along, too. We’re hoping to see you again soon.

    1. Ah, you know Kaff the Chocolate Monster only too well. I did indeed squirrel them away and they are safely in my tummy now. She can’t get them there!

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