Squirrel Appreciation Day 2010

Two of my favourite days combined in some kind of cosmic alignment wotsit today – not only was it National Hugging Day, but it was also Squirrel Appreciation Day. You mean, you didn’t know there was either one of those?

I don’t know who started the first one but Squirrel Appreciation Day was started by Christy Hargrove at WNC-Rehab.org. There are no official events as such but Christy suggests that you put some extra food out for the squirrels in your neighbourhood. Great idea.

Other ways to celebrate:-

1. Make peanut cookies… and then eat them

2. Listen to some cracking tunes by the Squirrel Nut Zippers

3. Watch for squirrel cameos in your favourite films. You’d be surprised how many times a squirrel pops up.

What I did was to spend the day with my crew and the lovely Kaff got us some of our favourite chocolate covered peanuts – made by Cadbury, so we felt it our squirrel duty to eat them before the Americans get their hands on the secret chocolate recipe and they start tasting like the chocolate in America. Eugh! We might also have had a wee glass or two of amaretto which was lovely and warming on this chill winter night. So, all in all, a pretty relaxed day – I can’t party like I used to – but enjoyable and fun.

Snow Day

F-f-f-freezing my paws off...

Goodness me but my little corner of south Wales doesn’t half seem to be getting its fair share of the white stuff. We’re snowed in again and can’t get the car off the drive, let alone round the corner and up the hill. Ho de hum! I can’t say that I’m too gutted about it because it means that my hordes of fans won’t be expecting me to grace them with my luminous presence and I can have some rest at home. This is a good thing. I am a little pooped.

Kaff and I had some fun in the snow this morning. We went out to scamper around, throw some snowballs – she’s not such a good aim as I am and is now retrieving the remains of snow from the back of her neck, tee hee! – and we made a snow squirrel. Very fine he was too until the neighbourhood brats decided to run their sleds into him. Honestly, they are so uncultured and don’t appreciate true snow art when they see it. Plus, being from the south Wales valleys, they have no driving skills whatsoever. How was your snow day?