A squirrel is not just for Christmas…

All I wanted for Christmas... was another squirrel

So Christmas Day was fabulous. My nut store runneth over. I hope Santa Squizzey could read your writing and brought you all you hoped and wished for this Christmas, too. I had a fun day spent with Kaff and her rellies, odd bunch but fairly squirrel-friendly, apart from Bertie, the dog.

On Boxing Day we headed north to the heady heights of Valleys to see Geek-boy’s parents and spend some time with them. There was more present exchanging and  imagine my surprise when this little fella started to fight his way out of the wrapping paper. I had thought our squirrel crew complete and Geek-boy wanted reassurances that this was the case. So to be scuppered by his own mother must be truly gutting. Hottie – not my first choice of name but that’s what he came labeled as – seems very forthright and chatty and I may have to watch this one. He has delusions of power, methinks, and I will have to watch that he doesn’t try and muscle in on my cushy Kingdom.

Oh, don’t give me that, “But Squizz, he looks sweet and I’m sure you’re being paranoid” rubbish. The little fella has been in his new home for all of 30 minutes and he is already snuggled in amongst my crew in my usual position and telling me that I can go upstairs and ‘play’ on the computer, he’ll look after things downstairs and protect the nut stash and amuse my crew. I smell a very tricky rodent, which is just what I didn’t need this holiday with my stuffing reserves depleted and being in need of a good rest and not at all in a position to overcome an attempted coup. Life is never easy, is it?

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