Spreading the love and nuts!

squizz reading 1
Squizz reading up on local wildlife

Welcome to my new blog – soon to be all-singing, all-dancing, just like cute little moi!

Who am I? Well, the name’s Squizzey and I am a grey squirrel. Grey squirrels rock & I get really annoyed about the bad press we sometimes (read: almost always) get. I currently live in South Wales, U.K., but have very itchy paws and like travelling to new places.

I’m going to be blogging about anything that tickles my fancy but nuts might feature a fair bit as I’m quite partial to them. I strive to find every nut that crosses my path a good home. That’s just the kind of squirrel I am. Selfless, no?

Apart from nuts, I like reading – as you can see from my pic – so there’ll probably be a few posts about books. Films too. Maybe the odd TV programme as well – and I only like the odd ones! If squirrels are in the news, then you’ll probably find out my thoughts on that here. And generally anything else that I feel like commenting on.

Thanks for visiting and reading and keep on coming back!